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British field marshal in North Africa in World War II; he defeated the Italians before being defeated by the Germans (1883-1950) Archibald Percival Wavell , First Earl Wavell , Wavell
British marshal of the RAF who commanded the British air defense forces that defeated the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain (1882-1970) Baron Hugh Caswall Tremenheere Dowding , Dowding , Dowdy , Hugh Dowding
battle in 1745 in which the French army under Marshal Saxe defeated the English army and their allies under the duke of Cumberland Battle of Fontenoy , Fontenoy
British marshal of the Royal Air Force; during World War II he directed mass bombing raids against German cities that resulted in heavy civilian casualties (1892-1984) Bomber Harris , Harris , Sir Arthur Travers Harris
French marshal who distinguished himself in the War of the Austrian Succession (1696-1750) comte de Saxe , Hermann Maurice Saxe , Marshal Saxe , Saxe
marshal as person constable , officer , sheriff
German field marshal noted for brilliant generalship in North Africa during World War II (1891-1944) Desert Fox , Erwin Rommel , Rommel
French marshal in the Napoleonic Wars (1769-1815) Duc d'Elchingen , Michel Ney , Ney
British field marshal (1850-1916) First Earl Kitchener of Khartoum , Herbert Kitchener , Horatio Herbert Kitchener , Kitchener
frontier marshal whose adventures have become legendary (1837-1876) Hickock , James Butler Hickock , Wild Bill Hickock
German field marshal and statesman; as president of the Weimar Republic he reluctantly appointed Hitler as chancellor in 1933 (1847-1934) Hindenburg , Paul Ludwig von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg , Paul von Hindenburg
French field marshal who commanded the Allied armies in France during World War II (1852-1931) Joffre , Joseph Jacques Cesaire Joffre
German field marshal in World War II who directed the conquest of Poland and led the Ardennes counteroffensive (1875-1953) Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundstedt , Rundstedt , von Rundstedt
Russian field marshal who commanded the Russian opposition to Napoleon (1745-1813) Kutuzov , Mikhail Ilarionovich Kutuzov , Prince of Smolensk
perform the duties of a marshal marshal
former country of southeastern Europe bordering the Adriatic Sea; formed in 1918 and named Yugoslavia in 1929; controlled by Marshal Tito as a communist state until his death in 1980 Yugoslavia
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