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masonry support that touches and directly receives thrust or pressure of an arch or bridge abutment
(architecture) a masonry construction (usually curved) for spanning an opening and supporting the weight above it arch
passageway under a curved masonry construction arch , archway
trowel used in masonry brick trowel , mason's trowel
masonry done with bricks and mortar brickwork
wall formed of two thicknesses of masonry with a space between them cavity wall
(architecture) an arch constructed of masonry courses that are corbelled until they meet corbel arch
stone at the outer corner of two intersecting masonry walls cornerstone
(construction) a layer of masonry course , row
strip of metal with ends bent at right angles; used to hold masonry together cramp , cramp iron
primitive style of masonry characterized by use of massive stones of irregular shape and size cyclopean masonry
masonry without mortar dry masonry
pebbles of flint used in masonry construction flintstone
thin mortar that can be poured and used to fill cracks in masonry or brickwork grout
cement mixture for filling and finishing masonry grouting , pointing
pattern of columns of short parallel lines with all the lines in one column sloping one way and lines in adjacent columns sloping the other way; it is used in weaving, masonry, parquetry, embroidery herringbone , herringbone pattern
circular masonry fort for coastal defence martello tower
used as a bond in masonry or for covering a wall mortar
wooden block built into a masonry wall so that joinery structure can be nailed to it nog
rough brick masonry used to fill in the gaps in a wooden frame nogging
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