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line of descent traced through both the maternal and paternal sides of the family bilateral descent
line of descent traced through the maternal side of the family cognation , enation , matrilineage
severe anemia in newborn babies; the result of Rh incompatibility between maternal and fetal blood; typically occurs when the child of an Rh-negative mother inherits Rh-positive blood from the father; can be diagnosed before birth by amniocentesis erythroblastosis fetalis
position of a fetus in which the buttocks are present at the maternal pelvic outlet frank breech , frank breech delivery
female parthenogenesis in which the embryo contains only maternal chromosomes due to the failure of the sperm to fuse with the egg nucleus gynogenesis
maternal side family name matronymic
name derived from the name of your mother or a maternal ancestor matronymic , metronymic
side by side pairing of homologous maternal and paternal chromosomes at the start of meiosis synapsis
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