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(mathematics) the number of significant figures given in a number accuracy
(mathematics) one of a pair of numbers whose sum is zero; the additive inverse of -5 is +5 additive inverse
(mathematics) a transformation that is a combination of single transformations such as translation or rotation or reflection on an axis affine transformation
mathematics of generalized arithmetical operations algebra
branch of mathematics involving calculus and the theory of limits; sequences and series and integration and differentiation analysis
branch of pure mathematics that deals only with the properties of a figure X that hold for every figure into which X can be transformed with a one-to-one correspondence that is continuous in both directions analysis situs , topology
branches of mathematics that are involved in the study of the physical or biological or sociological world applied math , applied mathematics
mathematics types applied , pure
branch of pure mathematics dealing with the theory of numerical calculations arithmetic
branch of mathematics dealing with numbers arithmetic
(mathematics) a progression in which a constant is added to each term in order to obtain the next term arithmetic progression
(mathematics) a lack of symmetry asymmetry , dissymmetry , imbalance
(mathematics) an attribute of a shape or relation; exact reflection of form on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane balance , correspondence , symmetricalness , symmetry
(mathematics) a quantity expressed as a sum or difference of two terms; a polynomial with two terms binomial
(mathematics) a condition specified for the solution to a set of differential equations boundary condition
mathematics branch dealing with limits, differentiation and integration of functions of variables calculus
branch of mathematics that is concerned with limits and with the differentiation and integration of functions calculus , infinitesimal calculus
(mathematics) the number of elements in a set or group (considered as a property of that grouping) cardinality
English author; Charles Dodgson was an Oxford don of mathematics who is remembered for the children's stories he wrote under the pen name Lewis Carroll (1832-1898) Carroll , Charles Dodgson , Charles Lutwidge Dodgson , Dodgson , Lewis Carroll , Reverend Dodgson
(mathematics) any number such that a given square matrix minus that number times the identity matrix has a zero determinant characteristic root of a square matrix , eigenvalue , eigenvalue of a matrix , eigenvalue of a square matrix
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