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(mathematics) any number such that a given square matrix minus that number times the identity matrix has a zero determinant characteristic root of a square matrix , eigenvalue , eigenvalue of a matrix , eigenvalue of a square matrix
matrix giving the correlations between all pairs of data sets correlation matrix
table or matrix of all contingencies and the actions to be taken for each decision table
square matrix used to solve simultaneous equations determinant
(mathematics) a set of entries in a square matrix running diagonally either from the upper left to lower right entry or running from the upper right to lower left entry diagonal
square matrix with all elements not on the main diagonal equal to zero diagonal matrix
changing a square matrix to diagonal form (with all non-zero elements on the principal diagonal) diagonalisation , diagonalization
rectangular matrix of dots from which written characters can be formed dot matrix
printer that represents each character as a pattern of dots from a dot matrix dot matrix printer , dot printer , matrix printer
type of passive matrix display in which the top and bottom half of the screen are refreshed simultaneously dual scan display
any of several methods for reducing correlational data to a smaller number of dimensions or factors; beginning with a correlation matrix a small number of components or factors are extracted that are regarded as the basic variable that account for the int factor analysis
matrix of fine-grained crystalline material in which larger crystals are embedded groundmass
scalar matrix in which all of the diagonal elements are unity identity matrix , unit matrix
square matrix of n rows and columns; cells contain n different symbols so arranged that no symbol occurs more than once in any row or column Latin square
square matrix of n rows and columns; the first n^2 integers are arranged in the cells of the matrix in such a way that the sum of any row or column or diagonal is the same magic square
diagonal of a square matrix running from the upper left entry to the lower right entry main diagonal , principal diagonal
determination of a matrix that when multiplied by the given matrix will yield a unit matrix matrix inversion
interchange of each row of a square matrix with the corresponding column matrix transposition
casting matrix mold
cast iron consisting of graphite in a matrix of austenite Ni-resist , Ni-resist iron
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