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sauce of garlic mayonnaise aioli
garlic mayonnaise aioli , aioli sauce , garlic sauce
cabbage and mayonnaise salad cole slaw
halved hard-cooked egg with the yolk mashed with mayonnaise and seasonings and returned to the white deviled egg , stuffed egg
savory dressings for salads; basically of two kinds: either the thin French or vinaigrette type or the creamy mayonnaise type dressing , salad dressing
mayonnaise with tarragon or dill and chopped watercress and spinach or cucumber green mayonnaise , sauce verte
half mayonnaise and half vinaigrette seasoned with minced garlic and mashed anchovies and grated Parmesan cheese; especially good for combination salads half-and-half dressing
sauce of mayonnaise, pickles, capers, anchovies, herbs remoulade
mayonnaise sauce flavored with herbs and mustard and capers; served with e.g. salad and cold meat remoulade sauce
mayonnaise with horseradish grated onion and chili sauce or catsup; sometimes with caviar added Russian dressing , Russian mayonnaise
creamy salad dressing resembling mayonnaise salad cream
mayonnaise and heavy cream combined with chopped green pepper and green onion seasoned with chili sauce and Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice sauce Louis
sauce of mayonnaise, onion, olive, pickles, capers tartar
mayonnaise with chopped pickles and sometimes capers and shallots and parsley and hard-cooked egg; sauce for seafood especially fried fish tartare sauce , tartar sauce
mayonnaise with chili sauce or catsup and minced olives and peppers and hard-cooked egg Thousand Island dressing
typically made of apples and celery with nuts or raisins and dressed with mayonnaise Waldorf salad
apple salad with celery, walnuts, raisins, in mayonnaise Waldorf salad
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