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cortical area that receives auditory information from the medial geniculate body auditory area , auditory cortex
large vein passing along the medial surface of the temporal lobe and emptying into the great cerebral vein basal vein , vena basalis
long curved structure on the medial surface of the cerebral hemispheres; the cortical part of the limbic system cingulate gyrus , gyrus cinguli
nerve running along the inner side of the arm and passing near the elbow; supplies intrinsic muscles of the hand and the skin of the medial side of the hand cubital nerve , nervus ulnaris , ulnar nerve
vein that drains a venous network in the floor and medial wall of the eye socket inferior ophthalmic vein
vein located in the anterior medial part of the orbit; connects the superior ophthalmic with the angular vein nasofrontal vein , vena nasofrontalis
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