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statistical procedure for accepting or rejecting a batch of merchandise or documents; involves determining the maximum number of defects discovered in a sample before the entire batch is rejected acceptance sampling
merchandise, to advertise , sell
difference in value over a period of time of a country's imports and exports of merchandise balance of trade , trade balance , trade gap , visible balance
consignment of merchandise bill of goods
flexible transparent sheet containing many small plastic blisters; used to package items of merchandise during shipment blister pack , bubble pack
particular kind of product or merchandise business line , line , line of business , line of merchandise , line of products , product line
charge made for carrying an account or for merchandise sold on an installment plan carrying charge
one of a chain of retail stores under the same management and selling the same merchandise chain store
card (usually plastic) that assures a seller that the person using it has a satisfactory credit rating and that the issuer will see to it that the seller receives payment for the merchandise delivered charge card , charge plate , credit card
person to whom merchandise is delivered over consignee
person who delivers over or commits merchandise consigner , consignor
retail store serving a sparsely populated region; usually stocked with a wide variety of merchandise country store , general store , trading post
act of reducing the selling price of merchandise deduction , discount , price reduction
large retail store organized into departments offering a variety of merchandise; commonly part of a retail chain department store , emporium
distributor who uses direct mail to sell merchandise direct mailer
business of selling merchandise at a discount discount business
window of a store facing onto the street; used to display merchandise for sale in the store display window , shopwindow , show window
someone who markets merchandise distributer , distributor
contract governing the marketing of an item of merchandise distribution agreement
company that markets merchandise distributor
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