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giant hyssop; Mexican hyssop Agastache , genus Agastache
Mexican plant used especially for making pulque which is the source of the colorless Mexican liquor, mescal Agave atrovirens , maguey
Mexican or West Indian plant with large fleshy leaves yielding a stiff fiber used in e.g. rope Agave sisalana , sisal
Mexican plant used especially for making tequila Agave tequilana
Mexican general who tried to crush the Texas revolt and who lost battles to Winfield Scott and Zachary Taylor in the Mexican War (1795-1876) Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana , Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna , Santa Ana , Santa Anna
Mexican bulbous herb cultivated for its handsome bright red solitary flower Aztec lily , Jacobean lily , Strekelia formosissima
battle in which Mexican forces defeated the French in 1862 Battle of Puebla
half-hardy Mexican herb cultivated for its drooping terminal umbels of showy red-and-white flowers Bessera elegans , coral drops
triangular area in southwestern Texas on the Mexican border; formed by a bend in the Rio Grande Big Bend
United States pioneer and hero of the Texas revolt against Mexico; he shared command of the garrison that resisted the Mexican attack on the Alamo where he died (1796-1836) Bowie , James Bowie , Jim Bowie
Mexican laborer who worked in the United States on farms and railroads in order to ease labor shortages during World War II bracero
pitched battle in the Mexican War in 1847; United States forces under Zachary Taylor defeated the Mexican forces under Santa Anna at a locality in northern Mexico Buena Vista
Mexican epiphytic orchid having pale green or yellow-green flowers with white purple-veined lip butterfly orchid , butterfly orchis , Encyclia venosa , Epidendrum venosum
Mexican city on the Bay of Campeche Campeche
Mexican state on the eastern part of the Gulf of Campeche Campeche
wax-coated Mexican shrub related to Euphorbia antisyphilitica candelilla , Pedilanthus bracteatus , Pedilanthus pavonis
Mexican black cherry tree having edible fruit capulin , capulin tree , Prunus capuli
Mexican black cherry capulin , Mexican black cherry
Mexican composer of nationalistic works using themes from Indian folk music (1899-1978) Carlos Chavez , Chavez
Mexican novelist (born in 1928) Carlos Fuentes , Fuentes
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