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largest mammal ever known; bluish-grey migratory whalebone whale mostly of southern hemisphere Balaenoptera musculus , blue whale , sulfur bottom
migratory American songbird bobolink , Dolichonyx oryzivorus , reedbird , ricebird
large migratory shorebirds of the sandpiper family; closely related to woodcocks but having a down-curved bill curlew
large migratory American butterfly having deep orange wings with black and white markings; the larvae feed on milkweed Danaus plexippus , milkweed butterfly , monarch , monarch butterfly
gregarious North American migratory pigeon now extinct Ectopistes migratorius , passenger pigeon
short-legged long-billed migratory Old World woodcock Eurasian woodcock , Scolopax rusticola
larva of a migratory American noctuid moth; destroys grasses and small grains fall armyworm , Spodoptera frugiperda
New World migratory locusts and common American grasshoppers genus Melanoplus , Melanoplus
web-footed long-necked typically gregarious migratory aquatic birds usually larger and less aquatic than ducks goose
term used in some classifications for migratory shorebirds; coextensive with the Charadrii Limicolae , suborder Limicolae
migratory grasshoppers of warm regions having short antennae locust
member of a migratory tribe nomad
migratory, non- sedentary
migratory shorebirds of the plover family that turn over stones in searching for food turnstone
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