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in the theories of Jean Piaget: the modification of internal representations in order to accommodate a changing knowledge of reality accommodation
culture modification through contact with other cultures acculturation
capable of modification adaptable
act of revising or altering (involving reconsideration and modification) alteration , revision
any technique of behavior modification that uses unpleasant stimuli in a controlled fashion to alter behavior in a therapeutic way; primarily used for alcoholism or drug abuse (but with little success) aversion therapy
result of alteration or modification change
software that can run on different computers without modification compatible software
behavior modification conditioning
(computer science) a program designed to perform such editorial functions as rearrangement or modification or deletion of data editor , editor program
political and economic theories of Lenin which provided the guiding doctrine of the Soviet Union; the modification of Marxism by Lenin stressed that imperialism is the highest form of capitalism (which shifts the struggle from developed to underdeveloped Leninism , Marxism-Leninism
(genetics) modification of a cell or bacterium by the uptake and incorporation of exogenous DNA transformation
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