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chiefly monoecious trees and shrubs: beeches; chestnuts; oaks; genera Castanea, Castanopsis, Chrysolepis, Fagus, Lithocarpus, Nothofagus, Quercus beech family , Fagaceae , family Fagaceae
monoecious succulent herbs or shrubs of tropical and warm regions especially America Begoniaceae , begonia family , family Begoniaceae
monoecious trees and shrubs (including the genera Betula and Alnus and Carpinus and Corylus and Ostrya and Ostryopsis) Betulaceae , birch family , family Betulaceae
evergreen monoecious coniferous trees or shrubs: cypress pines Callitris , genus Callitris
mostly deciduous monoecious trees or shrubs: hornbeams; sometimes placed in subfamily Carpinaceae Carpinus , genus Carpinus
deciduous monoecious nut-bearing shrubs of small trees: hazel; sometimes placed in the subfamily or family Corylaceae Corylus , genus Corylus
large fast-growing Chinese monoecious tree having flat bright-green deciduous leaves and small globular cones; commonly cultivated in United States as an ornamental; known as a fossil before being discovered in China dawn redwood , metasequoia , Metasequoia glyptostrodoides
evergreen monoecious climbers of South America having dark mauve-blue edible berries genus Lardizabala , Lardizabala
chiefly monoecious and usually aquatic herbs (as the milfoils) genus Myriophyllum , Myriophyllum
deciduous monoecious trees of Europe and Asia and America; sometimes placed in subfamily or family Carpinaceae genus Ostrya , Ostrya
deciduous monoecious shrubs of China and Mongolia resembling trees of the genus Ostrya; sometimes placed in subfamily or family Carpinaceae genus Ostryopsis , Ostryopsis
genus of large monoecious mostly deciduous trees: London plane; sycamore genus Platanus , Platanus
rare and endangered monoecious parasitic conifer of New Caledonia; parasitic on Falcatifolium taxoides Parasitaxus ustus , parasite yew
large fast-growing monoecious tropical evergreen tree having large glossy lanceolate leaves; of rain forests of Sumatra and Philippines to northern Queensland Podocarpus amara , Prumnopitys amara , Sundacarpus amara
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