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series of stamps operated in one mortar for crushing ores battery , stamp battery
powder in a mortar, to crush into a bray
building material consisting of bricks laid with mortar between then bricks and mortar
masonry done with bricks and mortar brickwork
building material that is a powder made of a mixture of calcined limestone and clay; used with water and sand or gravel to make concrete and mortar cement
mortar fire intended to destroy or neutralize enemy weapons countermortar fire
masonry without mortar dry masonry
activity of building stone walls without mortar dry walling
stone wall made with stones fitted together without mortar dry-stone wall , dry wall
tile mortar grout
thin mortar that can be poured and used to fill cracks in masonry or brickwork grout
mortar between brick or tiles grout
bricks, cement or mortar for filling in between grouting , pointing
board with handle for holding plaster, mortar hawk
square board with a handle underneath; used by masons to hold or carry mortar hawk , mortarboard
open box attached to a long pole handle; bricks or mortar are carried on the shoulder hod
artillery fire delivered by a mortar mortar fire
club-shaped hand tool for grinding and mixing substances in a mortar pestle
mortar's club-shaped tool pestle
trowel used to fill and finish masonry joints with mortar or cement pointing trowel
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