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ninth month of the Hindu calendar Aghan , Margasivsa
ninth sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about November 22 to December 21 Archer , Sagittarius , Sagittarius the Archer
third month of the civil year; the ninth month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar (in November and December) Chislev , Kislev
ninth letter of the alphabet i
fine downy hair covering a human fetus; normally shed during the ninth month of gestation lanugo
ninth hour none
canonical hour that is the ninth hour of the day counting from sunrise none
service in the Roman Catholic Church formerly read or chanted at 3 PM (the ninth hour counting from sunrise) but now somewhat earlier none
ninth day before the ides nones
ninth month of the Revolutionary calendar (May and June); the month of meadows Prairial
ninth month of the Islamic calendar; the month of fasting; the holiest period for the Islamic faith Ramadan
ninth month of the year September
ninth month of the civil year; the third month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar (in May and June) Sivan , Siwan
republic in southeastern Europe; formerly a European soviet; the center of the original Russian state which came into existence in the ninth century Ukraine , Ukrayina
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