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nonviolent methods, refusal to obey civil laws by civil disobedience
political policy, refusal to obey laws to try to change civil disobedience
group's refusal to obey a law because they believe the law is immoral (as in protest against discrimination) civil disobedience
rule, obey a comply
trait of being unwilling to obey disobedience
failure to obey disobedience , noncompliance
obey to gain favor fawn , kowtow , truckle
group of people willing to obey orders force , personnel
someone who is openly rebellious and refuses to obey authorities (especially seamen or soldiers) mutineer
trait of being willing to obey obedience
refuse to obey authority rebel
(physics) a quantum of energy or quasiparticle that can be propagated as a traveling wave in nonlinear systems and is neither preceded nor followed by another such disturbance; does not obey the superposition principle and does not dissipate solitary wave , soliton , soliton wave
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