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largest manta (to 22 feet across wings); found worldwide but common in Gulf of Mexico and along southern coasts of United States; primarily oceanic Atlantic manta , Manta birostris
oceanic tunicates Doliolidae , family Doliolidae
free-swimming oceanic tunicate with a barrel-shaped transparent body doliolum
oceanic schooling tuna of considerable value in Pacific but less in Atlantic; reaches 75 pounds; very similar to if not the same as oceanic bonito Euthynnus pelamis , skipjack , skipjack tuna
in some classifications considered a separate family comprising the oceanic bonitos family Kasuwonidae , Katsuwonidae
oceanic sharks family Lamnidae , Lamnidae
Oceanic language spoken on Fiji Fijian
heavy short-tailed oceanic bird of polar regions fulmar , fulmar petrel , Fulmarus glacialis
oceanic bonitos; in some classifications placed in its own family Katsuwonidae genus Katsuwonus , Katsuwonus
small to medium evergreen dioecious trees of oceanic climates: puka genus Meryta , Meryta
cosmopolitan except South America and New Zealand and some oceanic islands great duckweed , Spirodela polyrrhiza , water flaxseed
Oceanic languages spoken on Hawaii Hawaiian
large elongate scaleless oceanic fishes with sharp teeth and a long dorsal fin that resembles a sail lancetfish , lancet fish , wolffish
fierce pelagic and oceanic sharks mackerel shark
Oceanic language spoken by the Maori in New Zealand Maori
large long-jawed oceanic sport fishes; related to sailfishes and spearfishes; not completely cold-blooded i.e. able to warm their brains and eyes marlin
federal agency in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that is responsible for weather forecast and preparation of weather maps National Weather Service
any of numerous sharks from small relatively harmless bottom-dwellers to large dangerous oceanic and coastal species requiem shark
long-winged oceanic bird that in flight skims close to the waves shearwater
floating or swimming oceanic colony of polyps often transparent or showily colored siphonophore
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