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cast off abdicate , discard , free , repudiate , shed , unfasten , untie
carry off without consent abduct
cutting off abscission
act of cutting something off abscission , cutting off
pull off accomplish , achieve , detach , execute , manage , yank
set off activate , detonate , detonate , explode , start , trip
affluent person; a person who is financially well off affluent
place where planes take off and land airfield , field , flying field , landing field
small recess opening off a larger room alcove , bay
group of islands off southeastern Alaska Alexander Archipelago
off-center alop , askew , eccentric , irregular , strange , unbalanced , unsteady
off course amiss , errant
liability or debt gradually worked off amortized
airplane designed to take off and land on water amphibian , amphibious aircraft
cut off amputate , clip
take one's mind off of amuse
tick off annoy , irk , miff , rile
conspicuous coloration or markings of an animal serving to warn off predators aposematic coloration , warning coloration
thought broken off in mid-sentence aposiopesis
evil, intended to ward off apotropaic
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