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act of abrogating; an official or legal cancellation abrogation , annulment , repeal
authority or official empowered to abolish or annul or repeal abrogator
official of a bureaucracy administrative official , bureaucrat
Austrian who became the Nazi official who administered the concentration camps where millions of Jews were murdered during World War II (1906-1962) Adolf Eichmann , Eichmann , Karl Adolf Eichmann
Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan; the official language of Afghanistan Afghan , Afghani , Pashto , Pashtu , Paxto
official language of the Republic of South Africa; closely related to Dutch and Flemish Afrikaans , South African Dutch , Taal
state of serving as an official and authorized delegate or agent agency , delegacy , representation
official in a British hospital who looks after the social and material needs of the patients almoner , medical social worker
dominant and official language of Ethiopia; a Semitic language much influenced by the Cushitic language with which Amhara have been in close contact Amharic , Ethiopian language
social policy or racial segregation involving political and economic and legal discrimination against people who are not Whites; the former official policy in South Africa apartheid
official who is appointed appointee
official approval approbation
official recognition or approval approbation
official symbols of a family, state, etc. arms , blazon , blazonry , coat of arms
official who evaluates property for the purpose of taxing it assessor , tax assessor
official review of books audit
(ancient Rome) a religious official who interpreted omens to guide public policy augur , auspex
official permission or approval authorisation , authority , authorization , sanction
document giving an official instruction or command authorisation , authorization , mandate
official approval or permission authorization , fiat , ratification , sanction , validation
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