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egg on abet , encourage , goad , incite , instigate , prod , spur , urge
on or in a vehicle aboard
interested and concentrated on absorbed , engrossed , immersed , intent , preoccupied , rapt
border on abut
leaf on Corinthian column acanthus
mark placing stress on syllables words accent
teaching reading and spelling based on sound acoustics , phonics
therapy using massage on acupuncture points acupressure , shiatsu
coming on quickly and severely and lasting a short time acute
collect on a surface adsorb
coating of substance on surface of solid or liquid adsorption
surface of substance, accumulation on adsorption
suggest on another's behalf advocate , commend , recommend
plant growing on another plant for support but not nutrients aerophyte , air plant , epiphyte
add on affix , annex
baptism by pouring water on head affusion
premium on money exchanged agio
related on father's side agnate
face, flat on your agroof
shoulder cord or braid on uniform aiguillete , fourragère
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