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Egyptian polymath (born in Iraq) whose research in geometry and optics was influential into the 17th century; established experiments as the norm of proof in physics (died in 1040) Al-Hasan ibn al-Haytham , al-Haytham , Alhacen , Alhazen , Ibn al-Haytham
(optics) defect in an optical system in which light rays from a single point fail to converge in a single focal point astigmatism , astigmia
branch of optics dealing with formation of images by mirrors catoptrics
flexible medical instrument involving fiber optics that is used to examine internal organs fiberscope
branch of optics that deals with the use of coherent light from a laser in order to make a hologram that can then be used to create a three-dimensional image holography
(optics) a lens that is concave on one side and convex on the other meniscus
concerning optics, eyesight, and the improvement of vision optical
(optics) condition of an optical system (as a lens) in which light rays from a single point converge in a single focal point stigmatism
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