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religious orientation of doubt; a denial of ultimate knowledge of the existence of God agnosticism
religious orientation opposed to Catholicism anti-Catholicism
negative term for a homosexual man who chooses not to reveal his sexual orientation closet queen
political or theological orientation advocating the preservation of the best in society and opposing radical changes conservatism , conservativism
general line of orientation course , trend
political orientation of those who favor government by the people or by their elected representatives democracy
any political orientation favoring compromise to avoid conflict dovishness
growing a crystal layer of one mineral on the crystal base of another mineral in such a manner that its crystalline orientation is the same as that of the substrate epitaxy
sensory system located in structures of the inner ear that registers the orientation of the head equilibrium , labyrinthine sense , sense of balance , sense of equilibrium , vestibular sense
orientation that favors experimentation and innovation experimentalism
rules in Chinese philosophy that govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to patterns of yin and yang and the flow of energy (qi); the favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into consideration in designing and siting buildings and graves feng shui
sexual orientation to same sex gay , homosexual
religious orientation advocating gnosis as the way to release a person's spiritual element; considered heresy by Christian churches Gnosticism
any political orientation favoring aggressive policies hawkishness
sexual orientation to opposite sex heterosexual
heterosexual person; someone having a sexual orientation to persons of the opposite sex heterosexual , heterosexual person , straight , straight person
orientation of an iconoclast iconoclasm
orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation ideology , political orientation , political theory
political orientation that advocates imperial interests imperialism
political orientation that favors progress and reform liberalism
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