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original population, concerning the aboriginal , autochthonous , indigenous
sin committed of your own free will (as contrasted with original sin) actual sin
addition that was not included in the original plan afterthought
knowledge of some recent fact or event that has become so commonly known that it has lost its original pertinence ancient history
highly original and much imitated Italian architect (1508-1580) Andrea Palladio , Palladio
anagram that means the opposite of the original word or phrase antigram
(New Testament) one of the original 12 disciples chosen by Christ to preach his gospel Apostle
original inhabitant arborigine , native
original model or type archetype , blueprint , prototype
original model on which something is patterned archetype , original , pilot
first or original model archetype , prototype
design, original archetype , prototype
typical or original archetype , prototype
written agreement ratified in 1781 by the thirteen original states; it provided a legal symbol of their union by giving the central government no coercive power over the states or their citizens Articles of Confederation
United States dancer and cinema actor noted for his original and graceful tap dancing (1899-1987) Astaire , Fred Astaire
statement of a theme in notes of greater duration (usually twice the length of the original) augmentation
original work autograph
christian rite using water to remove original sin baptism
state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies Bay State , Granite State , MA , Massachusetts , New Hampshire , NH , Old Colony
rule of evidence requiring that to prove the content of a writing or recording or photograph the original is required best evidence rule
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