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any disorder (as sudden confusion or disorientation) in an otherwise normal person that is due to reversible (temporary) impairment of brain tissues (as by head injuries or drugs or infection) acute brain disorder , acute organic brain syndrome
course (via lectures or correspondence) for adults who are not otherwise engaged in formal study adult education
complex carbohydrate found chiefly in seeds, fruits, tubers, roots and stem pith of plants, notably in corn, potatoes, wheat, and rice; an important foodstuff and used otherwise especially in adhesives and as fillers and stiffeners for paper and textiles amylum , starch
resemblance in some respects to otherwise dissimilar things analogy
agreement in specific features, otherwise different analogy
any act of molesting or interrupting or hindering or disquieting or agitating or arousing from a state of repose or otherwise depriving inhabitants of the peace and quiet to which they are entitled breach of the peace , disorderly behavior , disorderly conduct , disturbance of the peace
someone who pays (or otherwise incites) you to commit a wrongful act briber , suborner
strong turbulence in an otherwise cloudless region that subjects aircraft to violent updrafts or downdrafts clear-air turbulence
unauthorized interference in a legal action by a person having no interest in it (as by helping one party with money or otherwise to continue the action) so as to obstruct justice or promote unnecessary litigation or unsettle the peace of the community criminal maintenance , maintenance
depression in an otherwise level surface dip
people collectively who are crippled or otherwise physically handicapped disabled , handicapped
quality of being not alike; being distinct or different from that otherwise experienced or known distinctness , otherness , separateness
cell containing an electrolyte in which an applied voltage causes a reaction to occur that would not occur otherwise (such as the breakdown of water into hydrogen and oxygen) electrolytic cell
concrete representation of an otherwise nebulous concept embodiment , shape
rule that provides that otherwise admissible evidence cannot be used in a criminal trial if it was the result of illegal police conduct exclusionary rule
in some classifications the family of the genus Xenopus which is otherwise included in the family Pipidae family Xenopodidae , Xenopodidae
trace suggesting that something was once present or felt or otherwise important footprint
civil right (guaranteed by the 5th amendment to the United States Constitution) to refuse to answer questions or otherwise give testimony against yourself freedom from self-incrimination , privilege against self incrimination
person who is very small but who is not otherwise deformed or abnormal homunculus , manikin , mannikin
equipment that makes life possible in otherwise deadly environmental conditions life-support system , life support
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