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small spiny outgrowth on the wings of certain insects aculea
outgrowth of organ or part apophysis
(anatomy) a natural outgrowth or projection on an organ or body part such as the process of a vertebra apophysis
wood cut from a tree burl or outgrowth; often used decoratively in veneer burl
large rounded outgrowth on the trunk or branch of a tree burl
seeds, outgrowth on certain caruncle
outgrowth on a plant or animal such as a fowl's wattle or a protuberance near the hilum of certain seeds caruncle , caruncula
fleshy and deeply serrated outgrowth atop the heads of certain birds especially domestic fowl comb
(botany) the trumpet-shaped or cup-shaped outgrowth of the corolla of a daffodil or narcissus flower corona
natural projection or outgrowth from a plant body or organ enation , plant process
outgrowth, unnatural excrescence
(pathology) an abnormal outgrowth or enlargement of some part of the body excrescence
benign outgrowth from a bone (usually covered with cartilage) exostosis
(botany) a slender tubular outgrowth from a spore in germination germ tube
small abnormal bony outgrowth osteophyte
(botany) a tiny outgrowth on the surface of a petal or leaf papilla
organ or body resembling a stalk; especially the outgrowth of the thallus of certain lichens on which the ascocarp is borne podetium
(botany) a slender tubular outgrowth from a pollen grain when deposited on the stigma for a flower; it penetrates the style and conveys the male gametes to the ovule pollen tube
temporary outgrowth used by some microorganisms as an organ of feeding or locomotion pseudopod , pseudopodium
thin hairlike outgrowth of an epidermal cell just behind the tip; absorbs nutrients from the soil root hair
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