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(biochemistry) purine base found in DNA and RNA; pairs with thymine in DNA and with uracil in RNA A , adenine
aquatic eel-shaped salamander having two pairs of very small feet; of still muddy waters in the southern United States amphiuma , blind eel , congo eel , congo snake
naked marine gastropod having a soft body with reduced internal shell and two pairs of ear-like tentacles Aplysia punctata , sea hare
air-breathing arthropods characterized by simple eyes and four pairs of legs arachnid , arachnoid
large class of arthropods including spiders and ticks and scorpions and daddy longlegs; have four pairs of walking legs and no wings Arachnida , class Arachnida
one of four or five pairs of arteries that originate in the abdominal aorta and supply the lumbar vertebrae and the back muscles and abdominal wall arteria lumbalis , lumbar artery
any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome; appear in pairs in body cells but as single chromosomes in spermatozoa autosome , somatic chromosome
one of the pairs of chemical bases joined by hydrogen bonds that connect the complementary strands of a DNA molecule or of an RNA molecule that has two strands; the base pairs are adenine with thymine and guanine with cytosine in DNA and adenine with urac base pair
bed linen consisting of a large rectangular piece of cotton or linen cloth; used in pairs bed sheet , sheet
pinnate leaf having two pairs of leaflets bijugate leaf , bijugous leaf , twice-pinnate
growing in pairs binate
aquatic crustaceans typically having a carapace and many pairs of leaflike appendages used for swimming as well as respiration and feeding branchiopod , branchiopodan , branchiopod crustacean
flat bone that articulates with the clavicles and the first seven pairs of ribs breastbone , sternum
base found in DNA and RNA and derived from pyrimidine; pairs with guanine C , cytosine
small moth-like insect having two pairs of hairy membranous wings and aquatic larvae caddice-fly , caddice fly , caddis-fly , caddis fly
any of eight pairs of spinal nerves emerging from the cervical section of the spinal cord cervical nerve
shoe that comes up to the ankle and is laced through two or three pairs of eyelets; often made of suede chukka , chukka boot
arthropods having the body composed of numerous double somites each with two pairs of legs: millipedes class Diplopoda , class Myriapoda , Diplopoda , Myriapoda
obscure class of minute arthropods with branched antennae and 8 to 10 pairs of legs class Pauropoda , Pauropoda
in some classifications considered a separate phylum: microscopic arachnid-like invertebrates living in water or damp moss having 4 pairs of legs and instead of a mouth a pair of stylets or needlelike piercing organs connected with the pharynx class Tardigrada , Tardigrada
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