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widely spreading evergreen shrub of southwestern United States with flower heads in a leafy panicle Baccharis pilularis , chaparral broom , coyote brush , coyote bush , kidney wort
stemless plant with tufts of grasslike leaves and erect panicle of minute creamy white flowers; southwestern United States and Mexico bear grass , Nolina microcarpa
tall grasses grown for the elongated stiff-branched panicle used for brooms and brushes broomcorn , Sorghum vulgare technicum
orchid with reddish linear leaves and panicle of purple-marked pale-yellow flowers with deep red or purple lip; southwestern Australia Caladenia cairnsiana , zebra orchid
erect perennial strong-scented with serrate pointed leaves and a loose panicle of yellowish flowers; the eastern United States Collinsonia canadensis , horse balm , horseweed , richweed , stone-root , stoneroot , stone root
genus of reedlike grasses having spikes crowded in a panicle covered with long silky hairs Erianthus , genus Erianthus
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