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(physics) the process in which incident radiated energy is retained without reflection or transmission on passing through a medium absorption
immunity to a particular disease that is not innate but has been acquired during life; immunity can be acquired by the development of antibodies after an attack of an infectious disease or by a pregnant mother passing antibodies through the placenta to a acquired immunity
gas made of carbon monoxide and hydrogen and nitrogen; made by passing air over hot coke air gas , producer gas
(astronomy) apparent meeting or passing of two or more celestial bodies in the same degree of the zodiac alignment , conjunction
hint or passing mention allusion
passing reference or indirect mention allusion
game played by two teams of 11 players on a rectangular field 100 yards long; teams try to get possession of the ball and advance it across the opponents goal line in a series of (running or passing) plays American football , American football game
electronic equipment that increases strength of signals passing through it amplifier
medical instrument that measures the mechanical force of cardiac contractions and the amount of blood passing through the heart during a specified period by measuring the recoil of the body as blood is pumped from the ventricles ballistocardiograph , cardiograph
large vein passing along the medial surface of the temporal lobe and emptying into the great cerebral vein basal vein , vena basalis
tower with a light that gives warning of shoals to passing ships beacon , beacon light , lighthouse , pharos
hole made by a bullet passing through it bullet hole
oriental tobacco pipe with a long flexible tube connected to a container where the smoke is cooled by passing through water calean , chicha , hookah , hubble-bubble , hubbly-bubbly , kalian , narghile , nargileh , sheesha , shisha , water pipe
machine that smooths or glazes paper or cloth by pressing it between plates or passing it through rollers calender
medication that prevents the formation of gas in the alimentary tract or eases its passing carminative
(American football) putting the ball in play by passing it (between the legs) to a back centering , snap
bank, check passing through a clearing
apparatus that detects high-energy particles passing through a supersaturated vapor; each particle ionizes molecules along its path and small droplets condense on them to produce a visible track cloud chamber , Wilson cloud chamber
bundle of nerve fibers passing from one side to the other of the brain or spinal cord commissure
lens such that a parallel beam of light passing through it is caused to diverge or spread out concave lens , diverging lens
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