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skin disease characterized by dark wartlike patches in the body folds; can be benign or malignant acanthosis nigricans , keratosis nigricans
North American blackbird with scarlet patches on the wings Agelaius phoeniceus , red-winged blackbird , redwing
toad of central and eastern Europe having red or orange patches on its underside Bombina bombina , fire-bellied toad
antihypertensive (trade name Catapres) that can be administered orally or via transdermal patches Catapres , clonidine
skin during pregnancy, patches on chloasma
Eurasian pigeon with white patches on wings and neck Columba palumbus , cushat , ringdove , wood pigeon
rare hereditary condition marked by dark crusted patches (sometimes containing pus) Darier's disease , keratosis follicularis
large scrambling fern forming large patches to 18 feet high; Pacific region and China Diplopterygium longissimum , giant scrambling fern
small to medium-sized tree of Australia and Tasmania having smooth white to light-grey bark shedding in patches or strips Eucalyptus coriacea , Eucalyptus pauciflora , ghost gum , snow gum , white ash
superficial form of glossitis marked by irregular red patches on the tongue and sensitivity to hot or spicy food glossodynia exfoliativa , Moeller's glossitis
reddish opal with small patches of brilliant color harlequin opal
any thallophytic plant of the division Lichenes; occur as crusty patches or bushy growths on tree trunks or rocks or bare ground etc. lichen
irregular arrangement of patches of color mottle
skin disease marked by thin shiny patches (especially on the legs); often associated with diabetes mellitus necrobiosis lipoidica , necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum
(usually used in the plural) one of a pair of adhesive patches worn to cover the nipples of exotic dancers and striptease performers pasty
quilt made by sew patches of different materials together patchwork , patchwork quilt
common form of pityriasis (usually in children or young adults) characterized by round patches of depigmentation pityriasis alba
strong slender smooth-haired dog of Spanish origin having a white coat with brown or black patches; scents out and points game pointer , Spanish pointer
skin disease characterized by red scaly patches psoriasis
chronic skin disease characterized by dry red patches covered with scales; occurs especially on the scalp and ears and genitalia and the skin over bony prominences psoriasis
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