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ornamental pattern arabesque
fingerprint pattern arch , loop , whorl
knitting pattern with diamonds argyle
pattern of varicolored diamond shapes argyle
design consisting of a pattern of varicolored diamonds on a solid background (originally for knitted articles); patterned after the tartan of a clan in western Scotland argyle , argyll
musical notation for a repeating pattern of musical beats bar , measure
handmade lace worked on a pillow with threads wound on bobbins; the pattern is marked out on the pillow by pins bobbin lace , pillow lace
thick heavy expensive material with a raised pattern brocade
carpet with a strong linen warp and a heavy pile of colored woolen yarns drawn up in uncut loops to form a pattern Brussels carpet
loops of soft yarn are cut to give a tufted pattern candlewick
directional microphone with a cardioid pattern of sensitivity cardioid microphone
Australian python with a variegated pattern on its back carpet snake , Morelia spilotes variegatus , Python variegatus
composition with reiterated harmonic pattern chaconne , passacaglia
fence of steel wires woven into a diamond pattern chainlink fence
textile pattern of squares or crossed lines (resembling a checkerboard) check
any of numerous minute wingless primitive insects possessing a special abdominal appendage that allows the characteristic nearly perpetual springing pattern; found in soil rich in organic debris or on the surface of snow or water collembolan , springtail
edible and choice morel with a globular to elongate head with an irregular pattern of pits and ridges common morel , Morchella esculenta , sponge morel , sponge mushroom
deciduous flat-growing shrub with a fanned herringbone pattern and having reddish flowers and orange-red berries; used as a ground cover Cotoneaster horizontalis
leather that has had its grain pattern accentuated crush , crushed leather
table linen made from linen with a damask pattern damask
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