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pedal that controls the throttle valve accelerator , accelerator pedal , gas , gas pedal , gun , throttle
pedal extremity of vertebrates other than human beings animal foot , foot
pedal a 2-wheeled vehicle bicycle
foot pedal that moves a piston in the master brake cylinder brake pedal
pedal or lever that engages or disengages a rotating shaft and a driving mechanism clutch , clutch pedal
support resembling a pedal extremity foot
hydraulic brake operated by pressing on a foot pedal foot brake
cymbals worked by foot pedal high-hat
cymbals that are operated by a foot pedal high-hat cymbal , high hat
brake system in which a brake pedal moves a piston in the master cylinder; brake fluid then applies great force to the brake pads or shoes hydraulic brake , hydraulic brakes
pedal of piano, right loud pedal , reverberation pedal , sustaining pedal
pedal on a piano that lifts the dampers from the strings and so allows them to continue vibrating loud pedal , sustaining pedal
keyboard, piano with pedal pedal piano
person who rides a pedal-driven vehicle (as a bicycle) pedaler , pedaller
brake on an automobile that magnifies a small force applied to the brake pedal into a proportionately larger force applied to slow or stop the vehicle power brake
loud pedal on piano reverberation pedal , sustaining pedal
pedal on a piano that moves the action closer to the strings and so soften the sound soft pedal
transmission that is operated manually with a gear lever and a clutch pedal standard transmission , stick shift
pedal of potter's wheel or sewing machine treadle
sewing machine pedal treadle
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