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region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis abdomen , belly , stomach , venter
one of the large arteries supplying blood to the pelvis and legs arteria iliaca , iliac artery
malignant tumor in bone marrow (usually in the pelvis or in long bones) endothelial myeloma , Ewing's sarcoma , Ewing's tumor , Ewing's tumour
surgical removal of the organs within a body cavity (as those of the pelvis) exenteration
longest and thickest bone of the human skeleton; extends from the pelvis to the knee femoris , femur , thighbone
juncture of pelvis and thigh hip
large flaring bone forming one half of the pelvis; made up of the ilium and ischium and pubis hipbone , innominate bone
back and sides between lowest ribs and pelvis, of the lumbar
herbivorous dinosaur with a pelvis like that of a bird ornithischian , ornithischian dinosaur
one of the three sections of the hipbone; together these two bones form the front of the pelvis os pubis , pubic bone , pubis
space bounded by the bones of the pelvis and containing the pelvic viscera pelvic cavity
either of two muscles of the abdomen and pelvis that flex the trunk and rotate the thigh psoas
inflammation of the renal pelvis pyelitis
inflammation of the kidney and its pelvis caused by bacterial infection pyelonephritis
wedge-shaped bone consisting of five fused vertebrae forming the posterior part of the pelvis; its base connects with the lowest lumbar vertebra and its tip with the coccyx sacrum
herbivorous or carnivorous dinosaur having a three-pronged pelvis like that of a crocodile saurischian , saurischian dinosaur
backflow of urine from the ureter into the renal pelvis ureterorenal reflux
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