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physical pendulum consisting of a large mass suspended from a rod; its displacement is used to measure the velocity of a projectile ballistic pendulum
physical pendulum used to regulate a clockwork mechanism clock pendulum
pendulum consisting of an actual object allowed to rotate freely around a horizontal axis compound pendulum , physical pendulum
pendulum with a long wire; can swing in any direction; the change in the swing plane demonstrates the earth's rotation Foucault pendulum
French physicist who determined the speed of light and showed that it travels slower in water than in air; invented the Foucault pendulum and the gyroscope (1819-1868) Foucault , Jean Bernard Leon Foucault
pendulum clock enclosed in a tall narrow case grandfather clock , longcase clock
clicking pendulum indicates the exact tempo of a piece of music metronome
rhythmic pendulum for keeping beat metronome
clock regulated by a pendulum pendulum clock
(18th century) a watch with a balance wheel having a fake pendulum attached to it pendulum watch
pendulum's length of swing rating
hypothetical pendulum suspended by a weightless frictionless thread of constant length simple pendulum
move to and fro, as would a pendulum swing
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