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seed of betel palm; chewed with leaves of the betel pepper and lime as a digestive stimulant and narcotic in southeastern Asia areca nut , betel nut
pepper, served with au poivre
large bell-shaped sweet pepper in green or red or yellow or orange or black varieties bell pepper
East Indian pepper betel
Asian pepper plant whose dried leaves are chewed with betel nut (seed of the betel palm) by southeast Asians betel , betel pepper , Piper betel
plant bearing very small and very hot oblong red fruits; includes wild forms native to tropical America; thought to be ancestral to the sweet pepper and many hot peppers bird pepper , Capsicum baccatum , Capsicum frutescens baccatum
pepper that is ground from whole peppercorns with husks on black pepper
red pepper capsicum , cayenne , pimiento
pepper plant capsicum , kava
spicy, red pepper cayenne
pepper, pungent red cayenne
long and often twisted hot red pepper cayenne , cayenne pepper
very hot and finely tapering pepper of special pungency chile , chili , chili pepper , chilli , chilly
hot pepper chili
powder made from hot pepper chili
Chinese seasoning made by grinding star anise and fennel and pepper and cloves and cinnamon five spice powder
round sweet pepper globe pepper
sweet pepper that becomes red when ripe green pepper
hot green or red pepper of southwestern United States and Mexico jalapeno , jalapeno pepper
tortilla chip topped with cheese and chili-pepper and broiled nacho
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