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deep-bodied percoid fishes of the open seas Bramidae , family Bramidae
any of various usually edible freshwater percoid fishes having compressed bodies and shiny scales; especially (but not exclusively) of the genus Lepomis bream , freshwater bream
any of numerous marine percoid fishes especially (but not exclusively) of the family Sparidae bream , sea bream
percoid fish of the family Carangidae carangid , carangid fish
small carnivorous freshwater percoid fishes of North America usually having a laterally compressed body and metallic luster: crappies; black bass; bluegills; pumpkinseed centrarchid , sunfish
large active pelagic percoid fish Coryphaenidae , family Coryphaenidae
viviparous percoid fishes comprising the surf fishes Embiotocidae , family Embiotocidae
percoid flatheads family Percophidae , Percophidae
small carnivorous percoid fishes found worldwide in tropical seas family Priacanthidae , Priacanthidae
kind of percoid fish robolo
widely distributed family of carnivorous percoid fishes having a large air bladder used to produce sound sciaenid , sciaenid fish
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