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remove without permission abstract , filch
permission to proceed because obstacles have been removed all clear
take for oneself without permission appropriate , arrogate
claim without permission appropriate , arrogate
seize without permission appropriate , confiscate , levy
someone who takes for his or her own use (especially without permission) appropriator
student's attending course without permission audit
official permission or approval authorisation , authority , authorization , sanction
official approval or permission authorization , fiat , ratification , sanction , validation
absence without permission or notification AWOL , French leave
departure without permission AWOL , French leave
act of selling illegally or without permission bootlegging
permission to proceed clearance
permission to proceed clearance
formal permission to depart conge
permission to leave conge , exeat , nunc dimittis
permission to do something consent , leave
permission to go; the sending away of someone dismissal
entry to another's property without right or permission encroachment , intrusion , trespass , usurpation , violation
permission to enter entrance
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