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distorted projection or perspective; especially an image distorted in such a way that it becomes visible only when viewed in a special manner anamorphism , anamorphosis
Italian painter noted for his use of chiaroscuro and perspective (1494-1534) Antonio Allegri da Correggio , Correggio
word specifying identity or spacial or temporal location from the perspective of a speaker or hearer in the context in which the communication occurs deictic , deictic word
function of pointing or specifying from the perspective of a participant in an act of speech or writing; aspects of a communication whose interpretation depends on knowledge of the context in which the communication occurs deixis
particular perspective or aspect of a situation light
artistic movement in the United States that was derived from the Hudson River school; active from 1850 to 1870; painted realistic landscapes in a style that pictured atmospheric light and the use of aerial perspective luminism
revival of a classical style (in art or literature or architecture or music) but from a new perspective or with a new motivation neoclassicism
dissociative experience of observing yourself from an external perspective as though your mind or soul had left and was observing your body out-of-body experience
generally accepted perspective of a particular discipline at a given time paradigm
perspective drawing of an architect's design rendering
place or situation affording some advantage (especially a comprehensive view or commanding perspective) vantage
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