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astringent substance applied to the skin to reduce perspiration antiperspirant
perspiration, smelly bromidrosis , kakidrosis , osmidrosis
concurrent perspiration and chill; associated with fear cold sweat
perspiration, excessive diaphoresis
used to produce perspiration diaphoretic
medicinal powder made essentially of ipecac and opium; formerly used to relieve pain and induce perspiration Dover's powder
excessive and profuse perspiration hyperhidrosis , hyperidrosis , polyhidrosis
medical instrument that records several physiological processes simultaneously (e.g., pulse rate and blood pressure and respiration and perspiration) polygraph
matching jacket and pants worn by joggers and made of fabric that absorbs perspiration running suit
loss of salt from the body without replacement (loss by vomiting or profuse perspiration or urination or diarrhea) thus upsetting the electrolyte balance salt depletion
oily secretion of the sebaceous glands; with perspiration it moistens and protects the skin sebum
any of the glands in the skin that secrete perspiration sudoriferous gland , sweat gland
acid that is a component of perspiration undecylenic acid
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