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responsive to change or persuasion amenable
persuasion by the use of direct personal pressure arm-twisting
persuasion of voters in a political campaign bell ringing , canvassing , electioneering
conservative English writer of the Roman Catholic persuasion; in addition to volumes of criticism and polemics he wrote detective novels featuring Father Brown (1874-1936) Chesterton , G. K. Chesterton , Gilbert Keith Chesterton
change someone's plans by persuasion dissuade
act of exhorting; an earnest attempt at persuasion exhortation , incitement
stressful persuasion heat
someone who overcomes and establishes ascendancy and control by force or persuasion overcomer , subduer , surmounter
persuasion formulated as a suggestion prompting , suggestion
persuasion by means of empty slogans sloganeering
sell by quiet persuasion soft sell
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