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dark brown syrupy balsam from the Peruvian balsam tree used especially in dressing wounds and treating certain skin diseases balsam of Peru
Peruvian shrub or small tree having large glossy leaves and cymes of fragrant yellow to green or red flowers; cultivated for its medicinal bark calisaya , Cinchona calisaya , Cinchona ledgeriana , Cinchona officinalis
fine somewhat brownish long-staple cotton grown in Egypt; believed to be derived from sea island cotton or by hybridization with Peruvian cotton Egyptian cotton
Peruvian shrub with small pink to lavender tubular flowers; leaves yield a tonic and diuretic Fabiana imbricata , pichi
Peruvian writer (born in 1936) Jorge Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa , Mario Vargas Llosa , Vargas Llosa
small Peruvian evergreen with broad rounded head and slender pendant branches with attractive clusters of greenish flowers followed by clusters of rose-pink fruits molle , pepper tree , Peruvian mastic tree , Schinus molle
Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization in Peru; was formed in 1983 to overthrow the Peruvian government and replace it with a Marxist regime; has connections with the ELN in Bolivia Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Anaru , MRTA , Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement
terrorist group formed in Peru in the late 1960s as a splinter group from the communist party of Peru; is among the most ruthless guerilla organizations in the world; seeks to destroy Peruvian institutions and replace them with a Maoist peasant regime; is Sendero Luminoso , Shining Path , SL
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