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waxy mineral that is a mixture of hydrocarbons and occurs in association with petroleum; some varieties are used in making ceresin and candles ader wax , earth wax , mineral wax , ozocerite , ozokerite
Saudi Arabian minister of petroleum who was a central figure in the creation of OPEC (born in 1930) Ahmed Zoki Yamani , Yamani
dark bituminous substance found in natural beds and as residue from petroleum distillation; consists mainly of hydrocarbons asphalt , mineral pitch
act of drilling a hole in the earth in the hope of producing petroleum boring , drilling , oil production
process whereby heavy molecules of naphtha or petroleum are broken down into hydrocarbons of lower molecular weight (especially in the oil-refining process) cracking
flammable colorless gaseous alkene; obtained from petroleum and natural gas and used in manufacturing many other chemicals; sometimes used as an anesthetic ethene , ethylene
petroleum product used for fuel fuel oil , heating oil
oil formed through distillation of petroleum of intermediate boiling range and viscosity gas oil
volatile flammable mixture of hydrocarbons (hexane and heptane and octane etc.) derived from petroleum; used mainly as a fuel in internal-combustion engines gas , gasolene , gasoline , petrol
colorless volatile highly flammable liquid obtained from petroleum and used as an anesthetic or a solvent or in determining octane ratings heptane
colorless flammable liquid alkane derived from petroleum and used as a solvent hexane
process whereby hydrocarbon molecules of petroleum are broken down into kerosene and gasolene by the addition of hydrogen under high pressure in the presence of a catalyst hydrocracking
colorless liquid hydrocarbon extracted from petroleum or coal tar and used in making synthetic resins indene
Arab kingdom in Asia on the northwestern coast of the Persian Gulf; a major source of petroleum Koweit , Kuwait , State of Kuwait
military dictatorship in northern Africa on the Mediterranean; consists almost entirely of desert; a major exporter of petroleum Libya , Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
thick black tar intermediate between petroleum and asphalt maltha , mineral tar
colorless flammable liquid obtained from petroleum or coal tar; used as a solvent for gums and lacquers and in high-octane fuels methylbenzene , toluene
semisolid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum; used in medicinal ointments and for lubrication mineral jelly , petrolatum , petroleum jelly
distillate of petroleum (especially one used medicinally as a laxative or stool softener) mineral oil
white crystalline strong-smelling hydrocarbon made from coal tar or petroleum and used in organic synthesis and as a fumigant in mothballs naphthalene
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