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ancient city in south western Phrygia in Asia Minor; site of an early Christian Church Colossae
native or inhabitant of the city of Colossae in ancient Phrygia Colossian
New Testament book containing an epistle from Saint Paul to the Colossians in ancient Phrygia Colossians , Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Colossians , Epistle to the Colossians
great nature goddess of ancient Phrygia in Asia Minor; counterpart of Greek Rhea and Roman Ops Cybele , Dindymene , Great Mother , Magna Mater , Mater Turrita
intricate knot tied by Gordius, the king of Phrygia, and cut by the sword of Alexander the Great after he heard that whoever undid it would become ruler of Asia Gordian knot
legendary king of ancient Phrygia who was said to be responsible for the Gordian knot Gordius
(Greek legend) the greedy king of Phrygia who Dionysus gave the power to turn everything he touched into gold Midas
native or inhabitant of Phrygia Phrygian
Thraco-Phrygian language spoken by the ancient inhabitants of Phrygia and now extinct--preserved only in a few inscriptions Phrygian
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