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Italian pope from 1691 to 1700 who abolished nepotism within the church hierarchy and was universally loved for his charity and piety Antonio Pignatelli , Innocent XII
piety by virtue of being devout devoutness , religiousness
piety by virtue of devotion to duty dutifulness
piety by virtue of being a godly person godliness
(Greek mythology) a simple countryman who offered hospitality to Zeus and Hermes when they came to earth without revealing their identities in order to test people's piety Philemon
17th and 18th-century German movement in the Lutheran Church stressing personal piety and devotion Pietism
exaggerated or affected piety and religious zeal pietism , religionism , religiosity , religiousism
hypocrite who pretends to religious piety (after the protagonist in a play by Moliere) Tartufe , Tartuffe
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