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platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles; provides access to ships and boats dock , pier , wharf , wharfage
gold in water or waste piles, to search for fossick
form of solitaire that begins with seven piles of cards with the top cards facing up; descending sequences of cards of alternating colors are built on these piles; as aces become available they are placed above the seven piles; the object is to build sequ klondike
dwelling built on piles in or near a lake; specifically in prehistoric villages lake dwelling , pile dwelling
perennial herb native to Europe but naturalized elsewhere having heart-shaped leaves and yellow flowers resembling buttercups; its tuberous roots have been used as a poultice to relieve piles lesser celandine , pilewort , Ranunculus ficaria
edible agaric found in piles of hardwood sawdust; the caps are black and coarsely wrinkled Pluteus magnus , swadust mushroom
cards by releasing two piles into one, to shuffle playing riffle
pile in a row of piles driven side by side to retain earth or prevent seepage sheath pile , sheet pile , sheet piling
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