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making of pleasing works art
person or thing having a pleasing quality beauty
pleasing quality beauty
greenhouse in which plants are arranged in a pleasing manner conservatory , hothouse , indoor garden
pleasing firmness and freshness crispness
daintily pleasing cute
very pleasing delectable
pleasing country existing only in dreams or imagination dreamland , dreamworld , never-never land
any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious) sounds euphony , music
acutely pleasing exquisite
visual images that are pleasing to see but are intellectually undemanding eye candy
unbiased. Pleasing fair
pleasing and appropriate manner or style (especially manner or style of expression) felicitousness , felicity
property of a sensation that is rich and pleasing fullness , mellowness , richness
that which is pleasing or valuable or useful good , goodness
pleasing appearance handsome
visual representation (a picture or diagram) that is used make some subject more pleasing or easier to understand illustration
pleasing scent produced when incense is burned incense
attractive and pleasing personable , prepossessing , winsome
aesthetically pleasing to the photographic eye photogenic
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