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electrical plug connecting other plugs to socket adapter
plug connecting more than one device to electrical socket adapter
black-tipped plug clogging a pore of the skin blackhead , comedo
plug in the mouth of a bottle (especially a wine bottle) bottle cork , cork
plug used to close a hole in a barrel or flask bung , spile
plug or seal edges and crevices caulk
plug of tobacco chaw
cam inside the distributor that rotates to contact spark plug terminals in the correct order distributor cam
tobacco plug left in pipe dottle
removable plug for holding water in a tub or basin drainplug
plug up estop
(computer) a socket in a microcomputer that will accept a plug-in circuit board expansion slot , slot
wooden plug forming a flue pipe (as the mouthpiece of a recorder) fipple
electrical plug's third prong grounding prong
electrical device consisting of a connector socket designed for the insertion of a plug jack
small dynamo with a secondary winding that produces a high voltage enabling a spark to jump between the poles of a spark plug in a gasoline engine magneto , magnetoelectric machine
length of wire that has a plug at each end; used to make connections at a patchboard patchcord
plug for connecting a telephone phone plug , telephone plug
hole into which a plug fits (especially a hole where water drains away) plughole
cask, vent plug of spigot , spile
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