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pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money billfold , notecase , pocketbook , wallet
pocket inside of a man's coat breast pocket
small flat case for holding cigarettes; can be carried in a purse or a pocket cigarette case
pocket at the corner of a billiard table corner pocket
pocket pistol of large caliber with a short barrel derringer
North American pocket gophers family Geomyidae , Geomyidae
small New World burrowing mouselike rodents with fur-lined cheek pouches and hind limbs and tail adapted to leaping; adapted to desert conditions: pocket mice; kangaroo mice; kangaroo rats family Heteromyidae , Heteromyidae
pocket for watch fob
watch, chain for attaching pocket fob
short chain or ribbon attaching a pocket watch to a man's vest fob , watch chain , watch guard
vest pocket to hold a pocket watch fob , watch pocket
pocket mice genus Liomys , genus Perognathus , Liomys , Perognathus
western pocket gophers genus Thomomys , Thomomys
calculator small enough to hold in the hand or carry in a pocket hand calculator , pocket calculator
portable battery-powered computer small enough to be carried in your pocket hand-held computer , hand-held microcomputer
pocket in rear of trousers hip pocket
folding in of an outer layer so as to form a pocket in the surface infolding , introversion , intussusception , invagination
large pocket mouse of Mexico Liomys irroratus , Mexican pocket mouse
dictionary that is small enough to carry in your pocket little dictionary , pocket dictionary
flat pocket sewn to the outside of a garment patch pocket
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