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angle from its axis that a crystal must be rotated before appearing maximally dark when viewed in polarized light angle of extinction , extinction angle
French physicist who invented polarized light and invented the Fresnel lens (1788-1827) Augustin Jean Fresnel , Fresnel
splitting a ray into two parallel rays polarized perpendicularly birefringence , double refraction
spectacles that are darkened or polarized to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun dark glasses , shades , sunglasses
optical device that produces plane-polarized light Nicol prism
optical device used to measure the rotation of the plane of vibration of polarized light polarimeter , polariscope
degenerate neutron star; small and extremely dense; rotates very fast and emits regular pulses of polarized radiation pulsar
optical device that produces plane-polarized ultraviolet light Rochon prism , Wollaston prism
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