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pompous fool ass
pompous or pretentious talk or writing blah , bombast , claptrap , fustian , rant
any elderly pompous reactionary ultranationalistic person (after the cartoon character created by Sir David Low) Blimp , Colonel Blimp
speech or writing, pompous bombast
actions of pompous officials bumbledom
pompous reactionary cartoon character created by Sir David Low Colonel Blimp
pompous language fustian , grandiloquence
incomprehensible or pompous jargon of specialists gobbledygook
speech, give long pompous harangue
United States slapstick comedian who played the pompous and overbearing member of the Laurel and Hardy duo who made many films (1892-1957) Hardy , Oliver Hardy
lack of elegance as a consequence of being pompous and puffed up with vanity inflation , ostentation , ostentatiousness , pomposity , pompousness , pretentiousness , puffiness , splashiness
addressing an audience formally (usually a long and rhetorical address and often pompous) oratory
pompous show pageant
proud stiff pompous gait prance , strut , swagger
dull and pompous gravity stodginess , stuffiness
pompous gait strut
not pompous or showy unpretentious
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