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large pelagic tuna the source of most canned tuna; reaches 93 pounds and has long pectoral fins; found worldwide in tropical and temperate waters albacore , long-fin tunny , Thunnus alalunga
weighs 115-126 pounds bantamweight
boxer or wrestler 113-118 pounds bantamweight
amateur boxer who weighs no more than 119 pounds bantamweight
large game fish in the Pacific Ocean; may reach 1000 pounds black marlin , Makaira marlina , Makaira mazara
largest marlin; may reach 2000 pounds; found worldwide in warm seas blue marlin , Makaira nigricans
largest tuna; to 1500 pounds; of mostly temperate seas: feed in polar regions but breed in tropics bluefin , bluefin tuna , horse mackerel , Thunnus thynnus
huge edible puffball up to 2 feet diameter and 25 pounds in weight Calvatia gigantea , giant puffball
United States unit of weight equivalent to 100 pounds cental , centner , cwt , hundredweight , quintal , short hundredweight
professional boxer who weighs between 169 and 175 pounds cruiserweight , light heavyweight
British unit of weight equivalent to 112 pounds cwt , hundredweight , long hundredweight
large (60 to 80 pounds) sport fish of North America Esox masquinongy , muskellunge
oceanic schooling tuna of considerable value in Pacific but less in Atlantic; reaches 75 pounds; very similar to if not the same as oceanic bonito Euthynnus pelamis , skipjack , skipjack tuna
weighs 126-139 pounds featherweight
boxer 126-134 pounds featherweight
boxer or wrestler 119-126 pounds featherweight
professional boxer who weighs between 123 and 126 pounds featherweight
amateur boxer who weighs no more than 126 pounds featherweight
weighs no more than 115 pounds flyweight
boxer 112 pounds or less flyweight
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