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cardinal number that is the fifth power of ten 100000 , hundred thousand , lakh
transmission that provides power directly to all four wheels of a motor vehicle 4WD , four-wheel drive
give up power or responsibility abdicate
power formally, to relinquish abdicate , renounce
loss of will power aboulia , abulia
principle of complete and unrestricted power in government absolutism , totalism , totalitarianism
power unit equal to the power dissipated when 1 abampere flows across a potential difference of 1 abvolt (one ten-thousandth of a milliwatt) abwatt
operating part that transmits power to a mechanism action , action mechanism
contract that heavily restricts one party while leaving the other free (as some standard form printed contracts); implies inequality in bargaining power adhesion contract , contract of adhesion
floating without power or guidance adrift
(Gnosticism) a divine power or nature emanating from the Supreme Being and playing various roles in the operation of the universe aeon , eon
jet engine power-augmenter afterburner
time in life (usually defined in years) at which some particular qualification or power arises age , eld
state of being in action or exerting power agency
power exerting operation agency
something or someone with power to act agent
act of increasing the wealth or prestige or power or scope of something aggrandisement , aggrandizement , elevation
increase in rank or power aggrandize
power, to make greater in aggrandize
increase in power, influence, stature, reputation aggrandize , elevate , enhance , exalt
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